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Available Languages in Watson Services

I couldn’t find one page listing languages available in Watson Services, so let’s do one 🙂

This information is available but scattered in the middle of the documentation. Here is the list of languages available for each services.

Watson Assistant (WA)

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Custom model support is done through Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS)
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Watson Discovery (WDS)

Basic support
• Discovery support includes:
• Document conversion
• Orchestration
• Discovery Tooling functionality
• Front-end API (excluding Front-end Query API)
• Language-optimized index
• Relevancy training
• Query expansion
• Stopwords
• Documentation in 9 languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional.
• Enrichments
• Integration with IBM Watson™ Knowledge Studio custom models
• Language detection

Full support
Full support includes basic support, plus:
• Passage retrieval
• Translated IBM Watson™ Knowledge Studio interface
• All Natural Language Understanding (NLU) enrichments, plus metadata extraction. NLU enrichments are:
• Entity Extraction
• Keyword Extraction
• Category Classification
• Concept Tagging
• Semantic Role Extraction
• Sentiment Analysis
• Emotion Analysis (English only)

English-only support
The following features are currently supported in English only:
• Element Classification enrichment
• IBM Watson™ Discovery Knowledge Graph (beta)
• Document deduplication (beta)

Japanese-only support
The following feature is currently supported in Japanese only:
• Custom tokenization dictionaries

Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS)

Support includes the ability to add documents in these languages to a workspace, add dictionaries, run pre-annotation, use the ground truth editor to annotate documents, and train a machine learning model. When you select a language, the system applies language-specific templates to handle dictionary entries, text tokenization, and sentence segmentation.

Speech to Text (STT)

Text to Speech (TTS)

Watson Language Translator

Here is the list of direct translation

And the list of language detected

Natural Language Classifier (NLC)

Personality Insight

Tone Analyzer

Visual Recognition

The text detection in images doesn’t use a specific language. Here is the list of supported language for classification.

Watson Studio & associated tools

Watson Studio helps you develop your own models, so they are developed in your language.

Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, Watson Knowledge Center, Watson Openscale


The idea comes from Fredrik Stenbeck and I wanted an updated and complete version.