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How to start with IBM Cloud and IBM Watson : Create your account.

You may have seen some nice presentation on IBM Cloud and IBM Watson and want to try now yourself ? It’s very easy and you can get a lot of services for free to start your projects.

IBM Cloud registration

IBM Cloud registration is easy and give you access to 61 services available in lite mode and covers the full range of services : Development, Storage, Databases, AI with Watson, API, …

Here is how to register. It is very simple. Go to and click on “Create an IBM Cloud account”. Fill in your email address and all details asked and click on “Create Account”. You may have a Captcha to answer, right now we don’t allow AI to create their own account 🙂

You will get an email to confirm your email address.

Click on “Confirm account”and here we go.

Click on “Log In”

You then have to accept the IBMid Account Privacy policy by clicking on “Proceed” after reading them.

You have now access to the IBM Cloud Dashboard !

Let’s see in the next post, what you can use for free and all the things you can play with.