How to solve the issue of printing with a hp Officejet on a Mac

I have an old hp Officejet 2620 printer that works very fine. I recently got this issue when trying to print. I always get this error message “waiting for printer to become available” and no way to solve it, even after resetting the whole printer setting. I finally found the full solution. Reset the Mac

Hacking Covid 19 : Hackathon HEC

I had the pleasure to participate a a mentor in the hackathon “Hacking Covid 19“. This hackathon was organized mostly by HEC, Polytechnic and SciencesPo schools. It was in virtual mode as covid 19 crisis was still here. This was a huge success. 1400 participants from 52 countries 105 projects were submitted 18 of them

Learning path to Data Science

Many people asked me what is the path and what they should learn to become Data Scientist or to understand Data Science (DS). Here is the learning I did and some meaningful on this subject. I will update this post from time to time. Don’t hesitate to let me know about your own course or

Upgrade your IBM Cloud account from free to trial

you can easily upgrade your account from free to trial and get a $1200 credit in IBM Cloud at the same time. For this, open an account in Cognitive Class, using your IBM Id. Then register for a class, whichever you want. How to build a chatbot for instance. You can now claim your Gift.

IBM Watson Services : what is included in your free account ?

You can have a free account in IBM Cloud without time limitations and only usage limitation. Let’s see what you can do with this account and you will realize you can already do a lot with it ! One limitation to be aware is that a service is deleted after 30 days of inactivity. You

How to start with IBM Cloud and IBM Watson : Create your account.

You may have seen some nice presentation on IBM Cloud and IBM Watson and want to try now yourself ? It’s very easy and you can get a lot of services for free to start your projects. IBM Cloud registration IBM Cloud registration is easy and give you access to 61 services available in lite

How to upgrade TensorFlow in Watson Studio Jupyter Notebook

I recently wanted to learn more about TensorFlow and as a Watson Solution Architect, I am using Watson Studio Jupyter Notebooks. On my first test I had an error on the second command. I realized I was using an old version. Let’s see how to upgrade to a newer version. Watson Machine Learning is using

Available Languages in Watson Services

I couldn’t find one page listing languages available in Watson Services, so let’s do one 🙂 This information is available but scattered in the middle of the documentation. Here is the list of languages available for each services. Watson Assistant (WA) Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Watson Discovery (WDS) Basic support• Discovery support includes:• Document conversion•