Hacking Covid 19 : Hackathon HEC

I had the pleasure to participate a a mentor in the hackathon “Hacking Covid 19“.

This hackathon was organized mostly by HEC, Polytechnic and SciencesPo schools. It was in virtual mode as covid 19 crisis was still here.
This was a huge success.

  • 1400 participants from 52 countries
  • 105 projects were submitted
    • 18 of them will get help from this hackathon

Here are the 3 winners.

Granny helps elderly people to stay in touch with the family as family couldn’t visit the manymore.

DIO, Do It Yourself, helps linking together SMBs and find the best partners to keep producing.

Safeline develops a mobile application to manage queue lines in shops and avoids long queues.

IBM gave access to IBM Cloud and Call for Code starting kits.

During this hackathon, I helped many projects among them Safeline and Granny. As a mentor, I helped them in a global way and I provide a lot of technical help, around IBM Cloud when it was needed.

Participating in hackathons is a way to help projects, show that IBM can help when needed, provide a huge number of resources, and free resources too, in IBM Cloud. It’s also a way to show IBM Cloud features and the beauty of them as we clearly have a deficit of recognition compared to Amazon, Azure and Google.

I enjoyed this hackathon and other ones. I met a lot of nice people, looking to find ways to help tackle Covid 19 impacts. I increased a lot my LinkedIn contact list also with people coming from a lot of different areas and countries.

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