Why hosted on Linux on Power ?

UPDATE : I started hosting this blog on a Linux on Power server in OVH. OVH stopped the beta test and is now in process of hosting only bare-metal servers.

Since Linux on Power is available, I wanted to be able to host my blog on this platform. Why ? I wanted to show that Linux on Power is a Linux as any other one and as easy to manage.

OVH has its own offering on the subject and I have the luck to get some coupons.

The whole Linux installation process is easy through the website. I used Ubuntu 14.04 as I  know pretty well Ubuntu and it was the first version available in Little Endian.

Installing a LAMP server is also as easy as on Linux on Intel. I used the same documentation than on my Linux on Intel servers. The behavior is exactly the same.

I installed WordPress 4.1 myself, following once again the standard documentations.

PS : I still have some coupons if you want to try Linux on Power too.

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