How to reset OVM Manager admin password

I recently had to recover the admin password for OVM Manager. The email address was not set up correctly so I couldn’t use the standard way to do that. A quick search in Google and I got a link on Oracle Documentation. Unfortunately you can only change the password and not reset it. Next link

How to unbrick LG GPad 8.3?

Since 3 days ago my LG GPad is stuck at the logo when booting. It stays at the LG Logo screen and restart again after few seconds. I don’t know where it comes from as I didn’t change the firmware and I don’t remember installing any app just before that. Here are the steps to

Why hosted on Linux on Power ?

UPDATE : I started hosting this blog on a Linux on Power server in OVH. OVH stopped the beta test and is now in process of hosting only bare-metal servers. Since Linux on Power is available, I wanted to be able to host my blog on this platform. Why ? I wanted to show that